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Member: Stoomlink

Company Name:Stoomlink
Address:Cantersteen 12, B-1000 Brussels

Contact: François Halin
Phone: +32 496 67 82 72

Company description:

Stoomlink provides reliable and actionable insight-driven solutions for the belgian mobility ecosystem. Our goal is to help companies succeed in reinventing their mobility by providing them with the right tools to understand, decide and implement the multimodal shift.

Stoomlink is the union of VIAS, Stratec & nextmoov cutting-edge experience and savoir-faire in mobility & digital products development.

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Realtime Mobility Analysis

MobiScore is your Mobility Survey Self-Service. Think of MobiScore as your personal mobility consultancy service.
We put together dozens of datasources and we use millions of datapoints to feed our studies. The result: on-the-fly granularity and configuration options.
Configure and order your studies in a few clicks. Navigate through your past reports and dig into your data.  We want you to stay relevant to those you care for. That's why we integrated all mobility players. From Public Transport Operators (PTOs) to micro-mobility and your private car.
And even your good ol' private car.

MobiScore exists for business and cities.

Domain: Traffic, Public transport & shared mobility, Parking & urban mobility


Product website:


Smart Mobility Planner

Discover SmartMobilityPlanner: our fully capable intermodal and real-time route planner.
Wanna take back control over your mobility? Planning, routing, ticketing. We've got your back.

Our micro-services architecture allows us to customize the deployment to your specific needs. And we top it up with a tailor-made interface.

E-ticketing is at the vanguard of the mobility of tomorrow. We have the expertise to make the dream come true.

Native multilanguage support and results well-anchored in the Belgian mobility reality.

Domain: Public transport & shared mobility


Product website:

References: NMBS/SNCB, TEC, De Lijn, STIB/MIVB

Smart displays

All the mobility around right in front of your eyes.

Thanks to our microservices architecture, we add new mobility providers every day. Unlike old industrial solutions, our SmartDisplays were designed for the latest forms of mobility: shared bikes, shared cars, shared everything. Without forgetting our good old transit networks.

Whether you already have a digital signage solution and just want to plug ours on, or whether you wish we do it all — installation & hardware: We do it all! One screen — like we did for BECI — or an industrial country-wide deploy like we did in Wallonia for TEC: SmartDisplays are designed to support any scale of deployment.

SmartDisplays also come in a “Kiosk-like flavour”: on top of the non-interactive digital signage solution, SmartDisplays can also be fully interactive. It includes killer features like Real-Time route planning, live network disruptions alerts, live maps,...

Domain: Traffic, Public transport & shared mobility, Parking & urban mobility


Product website:

References: NMBS/SNCB, TEC, BECI