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Member: Q8

Company Name:Q8
Address:Brusselstraat 59, B-2018 Antwerp

Contact: Michel Everard de Harzir
Phone: +32 3 241 33 00

Company description:

Kuwait Petroleum International, known by our trademark Q8, was established in 1983. Our main focus is to refine and market fuel, lubricants and other various petroleum derivatives globally. We are the international subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, which combines elements of Kuwait oil sector under one corporate umbrella and is recognized as one of the world's top ten energy conglomerates. 

Q8 Belgium is part of Kuwait Petroleum International and employs a total of five hundred people in retail, direct business, lubricating oils and the sale of heating oil.

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Mobility card

Refuel, taxi, public transport, parking. These are just a few of the possibilities offered by the Q8 Mobility card. In addition, the employer decides where and for what type of costs the card can be used. All other options are then deactivated. This means optimal control.

Business travel with the Q8 Mobility Card means optimal flexibility for your organisation and no more separate declarations. One mobility card to book and pay for all your trips. All transactions are clearly displayed monthly on a single VAT invoice.

The online service portal is available for administrators and cardholders. Each administrator has his own personal login and can easily set up, modify and block all cards of his company online in real time. The invoices and detailed data of all transactions are available online 24/7. Cardholders can also log in online and have an up-to-date view of all transactions and insight into the card's set options.

The Q8 Mobility Card is a collaboration with XXImo.

Domain: Traffic, Public transport & shared mobility, Parking & urban mobility, Automotive+


Product website: