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Member: NMBS / SNCB

Company Name:NMBS / SNCB
Address:Hallepoortlaan 40, B-1060 Brussels

Contact: Luc Craps
Phone: +32 2 528 23 49

Company description:

The SNCB is the Belgian railway company that provides and markets railway transport services for passengers and goods. It offers customers a reliable, quality service that is in tune with the market. It plays an essential part in the development of sustainable mobility.”

To put it briefly, our mission is quite simple:  to offer and develop sustainable mobility.

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Public transport

The SNCB organises the railway transport of passengers both nationally (SNCB Mobility) and internationally (SNCB Europe).  These sectors of activity are managed separately in order to provide a flexible policy to respond positively to the needs of each customer type.  International passenger transport is a commercial activity in a highly competitive market. International rail traffic was completely liberalised in 2010. Internal passenger transport is a public service mission entrusted to the SNCB by the government. A management contract determines the services to be provided by the SNCB on behalf of the government (as concerns the availability of trains, tariffs, services, etc). 

Domain: Public transport & shared mobility


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