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Member: Europ Assistance Belgium

Company Name:Europ Assistance Belgium
Address:Boulevard du Triomphe 172, B-1160 Auderghem

Contact: Katrien Busselot
Phone: 0

Company description:

Europ Assistance Belgium is part of the Europ Assistance Group, the inventor of the assistance insurance. Founded in 1963, the Europ Assistance Group is active all over the world to help both private and business customers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in exceptional or everyday situations. The Europ Assistance Group today offers its services in 208 countries, has 80 companies in 38 countries and covers 208 countries and territories where 7000 employees are employed together with 400 health professionals and 420 000 partner references.

Europ Assistance has been the market leader in travel insurance in Belgium for 25 years. Over the years, Europ Assistance has developed its activities around two main themes: travel assistance and car assistance in Belgium and abroad.

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Breakdown assistance

The annual car assistance as the best protection for all your journeys. Choose the formula that suits you best: in Belgium, in Belgium with a replacement car, in Belgium and in neighbouring countries with a mobility solution and a replacement car (Drive Belgium, Drive Belgium plus, Drive Across).

Domain: Automotive


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