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Member: Be-Mobile

Company Name:Be-Mobile
Address:K. Mercierlaan 1A B-9090 Melle Belgium

Contact: +32 9 330 51 80
Phone: +32 9 330 51 80
Website: Be-Mobile, a revolution in traffic

Company description:

Be-Mobile develops state-of-the-art solutions for road managers, public transport companies, navigation players, car manufacturers and logistics companies to help them pave the way for travelers to a smoother daily mobility.
Be-Mobile helps traffic managers in their task to make traffic safer and smoother, by using the power of connected vehicles and travelers. The Be-Mobile Connected Vehicle Platform combines data from smartphones or driving vehicles with data from roadside sensors, multimodal information, parking data and many more. This data is used to deliver traffic control messages both on dynamic traffic signs and in the form of personalized messages on smartphones and on dashboards.
The current company is the result of the merge of Be-Mobile, Flow and Mobile-For. Be-Mobile is the majority shareholder of Flitsmeister, the Dutch popular traveler app while Proximus is the majority shareholder of Be-Mobile.

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MobiGo, your impact on mobility

How do you realy get impact on the individual traveler's mobility choice?

With Be-Mobile MobiGo a unique solution that picks up on the use of mobility apps next to local traffic and mobility data, to provide a clear view of what's happening on the road. In the context of collective interest, MobiGo enables you, as a road administrator, to give road users mobility advice based on their user profile, mobility preferences and your specific wishes.

Thanks to the payment options for parking and mobility, the road user will continue to use the app daily, allowing you to continuously influence his mobility choices.

MobiGo is an all-in-one mobility solution, cheaper than a traffic infrastructure and much more efficient because it can adapt to technological evolution, your budget, your needs and those of the road user. With Be-Mobile Mobility Blocks, you get all the necessary building blocks to perfectly customize your MobiGo solution to suit your needs.

So, MobiGo allows Mobility as a Service for the road user under the control of the road administrator.

Domain: Traffic, Goods transport, Public transport & shared mobility, Parking & urban mobility, Police and rescue, Automotive, Taxation


Product website: Be-Mobile Mobility as a Service

References: , a website that supports the campaign around the large infrastructure projects of Antwerpen