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Member: Agoria

Company Name:Agoria
Address:Bd A. Reyerslaan 80 B-1030 Brussel Belgium

Contact: Bart Steukers
Phone: +32 2 706 87 42

Company description:

Agoria is Belgium's largest employers' organisation and trade association. It gives companies a boost through advice to entrepreneurs, business development and by creating the ideal business climate.

Agoria provides services to its members active in 6 industries

  • Aeronautics, Space, Security & Defence Industries
  • Building Contracting & Technical Services Industries
  • Digital Industries
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Materials Industries
  • Telecom Industries

and 8 markets (a.o. Transport & Mobility Technology Solutions).

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Transport & Mobility Technology club

Transport & Mobility Technology Club staat ten dienste van de ontwikkelaars, bouwers en leveranciers van producten, systemen en technologische oplossingen voor de transport- en mobiliteitsmarkt. De nadruk wordt in de eerste plaats gelegd op de automotive sector, goederenvervoer, openbaar vervoer, transportinfrastructuur en individuele mobiliteit.

Domain: Traffic, Public transport & shared mobility, Automotive


Product website: