Webinar interoperable ticketing & payment for public transport

Together with the 4 public transport operators we look at the best practices in terms of interoperable ticketing and payment abroad as well as to their own vision, roadmap(s) and realisations. We also discuss the impact of interoperable and fully digital payment solutions for public transport on the development of the MaaS market.

AGENDA 10:00-11:30:

  • Current status and next steps cEMV De Lijn - Bernardina Peerenboom, Product marketeer De Lijn
  • Current status and next steps cEMV MIVB/STIB - Michel Genot, head of ticketing MIVB/STIB
  • Digital roadmap Le TEC - Renaud Therry, digital manager TEC
  • Discussion & next steps

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Event date: 
Wednesday, June 10, 2020 - 10:00