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Member: Smile

Company Name:Smile
Address:Clos Lucien Outers 11/21, B-1160 Auderghem

Contact: Bart Leekens
Phone: +32487537574

Company description:

Since 1991 Smile has been a pioneer of technology and also the European expert in open source solutions.
At Smile we love to be one step ahead to keep our position on the podium of major players in the digital world. To do so, we have developed 4 offers to support you through your digital transformation: 


To finish these initial introductions, there remains one crucial question... “What would we be without the women and men who make the nice Smile machinery go round?” On a daily basis, there are 1,700 smilians present in 7 countries working and thinking to perform the strategic projects of a number of major French and European companies.

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Business applications

Do you have any digital transformation projects? Great, we love that! Whether or not you are ready :) We will be with you all the time, from the design phase through to the support one. Digital transformation gathers all of the business activities: supply chain, customer relations, supplier relations, human resources, data repositories, Big Data...

So many things that we are passionate about! Surround yourself with specialists who are always Smiling, and take advantage of the best open source technologies (BI, ESB, API, ERP, EDM, BPM, directories, business data repositories...) in order to increase agility and achieve greater freedom. This is the promise of the Business Apps offer from Smile!

Domain: Traffic, Goods transport, Public transport & shared mobility, Parking & urban mobility, Police and rescue, Automotive, Automotive+, Taxation


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References: MIVB/STIB