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Member: Pulsar Consulting

Company Name:Pulsar Consulting
Address:Avenue Pasteur, 17 1300 Wavre

Contact: Tudor IVANOV, Managing Director
Phone: +32 10 43 51 00
Website: Pulsar Web Site

Company description:

Professional B2B software development for Intelligent Trafic & Smart Cities, Logistics & Industry, Aeronautics,  Medical & Pharmaceutical, Food & Cosmetics, Banking & Insurance. 


Web applications, Mobile APPs, Relational Databases, Big Data, IOT, .NET, Java, Open Source, HTML, JS, CSS, are only some of the technological skills we use for building robust IT systems. 


We use our proven platforms as a framework for adding custom functions:

- P-PGI for Parking and Traffic Guidance :

- eLisa for Logistics and Access Control :

- Prodigum for Food and Cosmetics :

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Parking Guidance & Information System

Our P-PGI system is a tool allowing guiding drivers to nearest free parking spots, on-street or in-parking, and full-filling other needs in the area of road mobility optimization and parking guidance, on the road, in city centres and in parkings. It is designed and implemented following European and Belgian mobility needs and regulations. 

The system is autonomous, supports different types of outdoor displays and processes different types of data collected from parkings or other data sources (gates, presence sensors, induction loops...). P-PGI communicates with the outside world through several means like emails, SMS and mobile devices notifications. 

Our complete web application allows to manage different functions of the P-PGI system (system alerts, display management, history, etc.), and provides various roles and users (access rights) with qualified information they need to manage the system, like reports, statistics, geolocation...

- Significant impact on traffic congestion by allowing quick and efficient parking 
- Improved drivers comfort: they no longer waste time finding a free space
- Enhanced control over parking spots for city infrastructure administrators

Domain: Parking & urban mobility


Product website:

References: Brussels-Capital