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Member: Oktopus

Company Name:Oktopus
Address:Louisalaan 331 B-1050 Brussel Belgium

Contact: Pieter Debersaques
Phone: +32 2 542 05 42

Company description:

OKTOPUS est une société anonyme de droit belge spécialisée en télésurveillance et en assistance technique.


OKTOPUS is een naamloze vennootschap naar Belgisch recht die gespecialiseerd is in bewaking op afstand en technische bijstand.

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Remote monitoring

Oktopus has developed a location module installed in your vehicle, including an alarm unit and a radio-transmitter allowing its monitoring station to permanently: 

  • monitor the exact location of your vehicle and its speed control all types of alarms (burglary/crash/medical emergency/breakdown), whether they are activated by the passengers or through a signal emitted from the vehicle itself 
  • its contents ensure speedy intervention by a road patrol or any other emergency service in function of the type of alarm signal received (police/ambulance/owner/emergency breakdown services/ ...). 
    Of course, you may also entrust us with the full monitoring and control of your entire fleet of vehicles with a view to achieving top efficiency and increased risk prevention against theft or fraud. 
Domain: Automotive


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