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Member: Nimera

Company Name:Nimera
Address:Treft 23, 1853 Strombeek-Bever, Belgium

Contact: Erwin Vermassen
Phone: +32(0)2 304 48 99
Website: Nimera, your IoT and M2M partner

Company description:

Nimera is a software and hardware development company providing sensor and sensor network based solutions in the domains of Environment, Mobility and Industry. Our mobility solutions include easy to install roadside weather stations and parking solutions based on state of the art parking sensors. We offer specialized solutions for the realtime monitoring of air- and water quality. In the field of ITS we offer expert consultancy and solution development services in the domains of DATEX II, C-ITS and eCall.

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Road side weather information

Nimera offers a high quality and standalone weather station ideally suited for the temporary monitoring of roadside weather conditions. The standard weather station includes the following measured parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Relative and Absolute humidity
  • Barometric pressure
  • ...

Optionally the basic system can be extended with an air quality, dust particle, solar radiation, snow thickness etc. The data is available:

  • RESTful web API
  • Earth Probe generic viewer. The Earth Probe viewer visualizes the data from a specific weather station but also makes it possible to download historic data as a CSV file.
  • RoMis (Road Meteorological Information System) web application. RoMis provides a view on all your weather stations and allows to configure you own custom alarm settings. RoMis allows to publish weather information directly as a DATEX II formatted messages

The raw data can also be forwarded by AMQP. This makes it possible to integrate the weather information into your own applications.

 Custom hardware and software components can be included.

Domain: Traffic, Goods transport, Public transport & shared mobility, Parking & urban mobility, Police and rescue, Automotive


Product website:

References: Airfield Grimbergen, City of Upssala (Sweden)