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Member: Emixis

Company Name:Emixis
Address:Rue du Bassin Collecteur 3, B-1130 Bruxelles

Contact: Patrick Debersaques
Phone: +32 479 98 10 84

Company description:

Emixis is a Belgian leader in the field of fleet telematics, workforce management and IoT. The solutions, manufactured and developed in Belgium, are sold as SaaS solutions by a network of certified partners under the Securysat and aidoo mobile brands. Emixis is part of the Viasat group, ranked third worldwide in the telematics industry.

The Viasat Group is a European leader in satellite security systems integrating the latest telematics technologies and IoT to ensure complete security for the vehicle and its passengers in the anti-theft security systems, insurance telematics, fleet management and Big Data markets. Since 2014, the group has become one of the most powerful economic companies, with a presence in more than 50 countries. The group manages nearly 700.000 satellite vehicles, 7.6 million people connected, 400 cities connected with ITS and 6.500 buildings with more than 700 employees.

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Fleet management

Using Securysat Fleet Management module you can :

  • monitor and simultaneously manage one or more vehicles in real-time
  • view your vehicles on a map
  • analyze stops and driving times
  • determine which vehicles are closest to a given location
  • identify drivers
  • establish detailed reports that can be exported to XLS or PDF
Domain: Traffic, Goods transport, Police and rescue, Automotive


Product website:

References: East Flanders Centre ambulance