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Member: Cycle Data

Company Name:Cycle Data
Address:Landauer 5 3897 AB Zeewolde The Netherlands

Contact: Deodaat Boer
Phone: +3185 065 7621

Company description:

In everything we do, we believe that cycling contributes to a more environmentally friendly and healthier life.

Our work is based on innovative radar technology, providing high-quality, accurate and actual data of vehicles on cycle paths, which our clients can use to make policy decisions regarding traffic & safety in a Smart City environment.

We carry out accurate and actual counts on cycle paths and check the effect.

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Bicycle counting

Signum measures the actual data of vehicles on cycle paths without making use of algorithms or estimates.

Signum is a contactless bicycle counter measuring system that generates the precise number of vehicles on the cycle path without the use of algorithms. We achieve an accuracy of more than 95% even during peak hours.

Domain: Traffic


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