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Member: Barco NV

Company Name:Barco NV
Address:President Kennedypark 35 B-8500 Kortrijk

Contact: Cris Tanghe & Torrino Vandemaele
Phone: +32 56 23 32 11

Company description:

Barco designs, manufactures and markets innovative hard- and software for operational decision-making in control rooms. With Barco’s networked video walls, operators are always in control as key information from sensors, cameras and other data sources is displayed in real-time. By combining and sharing information on- screen, operators get a deeper understanding and a clearer view of the situation they have to respond to.

Throughout the world’s major economic regions, Barco’s visualization technology is indispensable to traffic and security centers. In and around cities such as New York, Oslo, Vienna, Washington D.C. and Hamburg, Barco display technology helps operators to better control traffic flows, respond quickly to crisis situations, and keep public transportation passengers well-informed. In this way, Barco helps over 2.5 billion commuters start and end their working days as efficiently as possible.

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Advanced visualization solutions for traffic control rooms

Barco’s advanced visualization solutions for traffic control rooms, consisting of professional displays or video walls, powerful display controllers and smart control room management software, help control room professionals to:
• collect all possible types of sources and data
• understand the data by organizing it in the most efficient and transparent way and create visual information
• distribute the information and collaborate with decision-makers and information stakeholders in the most efficient way
• make solid decisions and coordinate action

Furthermore, Barco’s networked visualization solution allows the flexible distribution of a virtually unlimited number of video and data sources – not only within the facility but worldwide using the existing TCP/IP

Domain: Traffic, Public transport & shared mobility, Parking & urban mobility, Police and rescue, Automotive, Taxation


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References: Vlaams Tunnel Centrum, Bruxelles Mobilité, Infrabel Seinhuizen, Local Police stations (Antwerp, Bruges, Charleroi, Mechelen, Leuven,...)