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Member: Agendum

Company Name:Agendum
Address:Weena 723, 3013 AM Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Contact: Vivianne Vernimmen
Phone: +31 10 437 22 69

Company description:

Agendum is a provider of integrated enforcement solutions. We optimise processes by building and connecting information systems. We make enforcement better, easier and more remunerative.

Agendum has successfully delivered many innovative projects, due to our thorough understanding of the complex enforcement operations and ICT knowledge.

Our parking enforcement concept by means of a scan vehicle,  the Agendum SCANMAN system and INFOMAN management reports are being used in several European cities and proven highly successful in terms of remuneration, efficiency and ease of use. With our extensive experience we are able to support you in many different ways.

For instance, with our free Agendum Business Case Calculator we can calculate what your municipality would gain from implementing digital parking enforcement.

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