MaaS webinar Brussels Mobility

Dear partners,


Firstly, I hope that you and yours have remained safe and well these past months.


As an important stakeholder for discussions on MaaS in Belgium and/or the Brussels-Capital Region, I wanted to reach out to you and invite you to a webinar we are holding on 21 October at 15:00, on our new project relating to MaaS. I have attached a draft agenda for your information.


This summer, we kicked off a project on developing innovative mobility solutions in the Brussels-Capital-Region, in partnership with the International Transport Forum, which was carried out with funding by the European Union via the Structural Reform Support Programme and in cooperation with the European Commission’s Structural Reform Support Service. This project is intended to support the development of the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) initiative for the Brussels-Capital region, through the establishment of an efficient and resilient regulatory framework for MaaS. We would like to use this webinar to introduce key stakeholders to the project and the main questions it is looking to address. Once introduced to this project, we would like to invite you to provide your input on the matters raised through bilateral meetings or by email, however is most convenient for you.


Developing shared mobility, integrated with public transport, is a key part of the ‘Good Move’ strategy and Elke Van den Brandt, Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Mobility, Public Works and Road Safety, will offer opening remarks for the webinar, along with Secretary General Young Tae Kim of the International Transport Forum and a representative of the European Commission’s Structural Reform Support Service (DG REFORM).


To register for the webinar, please use the following link:


I hope you will join us and look forward to hearing from you,


Best Wishes,


Martin Lefrancq
Autorité organisatrice de la mobilité
Rue du Progrès 80/1 • 1035 Bruxelles


T +32(0)22042141 • M 0499966322


Event date: 
Wednesday, October 21, 2020 - 15:00