High-level C-ITS technical visit -- Deventer


ITS.be is planning a high-level technical C-ITS visit to Talking Traffic in the Netherlands. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is hosting this day.

The visit will take place on Monday 1 April 2019 - Schouwburg Deventer (Leeuwenbrug 2, 7411 TJ Deventer, the Netherlands).

Overall program:
9h00 departure buses @Brussels-Airport Zaventem
(9h45 stop @St. Job In't Goor carpool in Antwerp)
12h30 arrival buses in Deventer
12h30 Lunch and demos
13h00 Welcome by Jan-Bert Dijkstra / Caspar de Jonge (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management)
13h10 Welcome by Peter Van der Perre (ITS.be)
13h20 Presentation Talking Traffic (Caspar de Jonge) & Q&A
13h50 Perspective road administrators (Nico van Beugen and Arjan Brink, municipality of Deventer and Cleantech Region)
14h10 Presentation about Talking Logistics
14h30 Conclusions
14h45 Coffee break & roadshow by bus
15h45 Networking drink
16h30 Departure buses + dinner
+-19h30 arrival buses @St Job In't Goor Antwerp
+-20h15 arrival buses @Brussels-Airport Zaventem


Our visit has become all the more relevant now that the Flemish government has decided to invest 30M in the Mobilidata project, that is inspired by Talking Traffic: in essence it is a (very) big push on bringing big data together in the mobility domain, as well as to greatly accelerate the deployment of so-called C-ITS day-1 services.

We are happy to flag to you that high-level officials from the three regions confirmed that they will join this day. We will be travelling with Office on Wheels, making sure that travelling time can be working time. Travelling yourself is of course also a possibility.

Participants list:

More practical information (boarding point, costs...) via km@its.be

Event date: 
Monday, April 1, 2019 - 09:00